Saturday, June 23, 2012


Do you experience Monday blues? Is Monday just another day? Do you believe Friday is the only way out from the week? If your answer to all these questions is a definite YES, then you might just be missing something essential in your work life – Passion.

Passion; is it only about loving what you do? No, it’s more. It’s when you look at work with a sense of enthusiasm, a belief of being able to achieve something while you are working, being positive of it. It’s working those extra hours by choice because you are engrossed into it not because you are forced by the timelines. It’s being inspired. It’s having energy and intent to continue inspite of setbacks. It’s about going just that extra mile.

Does Passion have variants? Oh yeah, it does - the Good Passion & the Bad Passion. Both make you go that extra mile you need, when others are jumping out of boat. In both, you will associate work with passion. The only difference is how you understand when to switch-off work. People with Good Passion, can unlock self from work and enjoy other things in life. They enjoy life and let others enjoy too. They experience positives in their lives. On the other hand, people with Bad Passion can’t understand when to disengage from their work. They constantly work to prove things to others. They experience negativity about what they work on. In the end feel burned out, stressed out.

So how should you bring in the Good Passion?
a.       Spread your passion. Don’t keep it to yourself, you too may need others to inspire and lead you. If no one buys your passion, at least you will be happy that you are furthering the cause you passionately believe in. But don’t be idle waiting for others to motivate you. Be your own motivator.
b.      Set your goal and be ready to try different paths. Temporary setbacks can’t stop you from achieving the greater purpose.
c.       Be Flexible. Be ready to lock-on & lock-off from your work.
d.      Keep upgrading yourself else you may lose interest your work.

 “Your work is to discover your work and then with all your heart to give yourself to it” - Buddha

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